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Any question that liaisons were asked more than once, is listed here along with the associated answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the responsibilities of the dashboard administrator?

The dashboard administrator oversees the recall process and has complete access to the dashboard with a view of the status of every recall at all times. Whenever any particular recall’s disposition is not responded to in a timely manner (based on whether that recall is a class 1, 2 or 3), the dashboard administrator will receive a copy of the third and the fourth & final notification. It is also the responsibility of the dashboard administrator to keep the contact information of the users up to date on the Account page, with the ability to add, edit and/or delete departments as necessary. To make changes to your dashboard, simply log into my.recallalert.org with your username and password or simply enter your dashboard through a previous email alert.

How do I change the contacts within my departments?

- As a dashboard admin, simply log into my.recallalert.org or click a previous email alert and you will see an Account tab at the top in the blue ribbon. Click on that tab and it will take you to the Edit Facility page. You will then be able to edit your departments by simply clicking the Contacts/Departments tab then hit edit to the left of the department and scroll to the top to make changes. If the user(s) is not available in the Contact: dropdown, you will need to add the new user(s) by clicking the User Management tab then the orange Create New User button. – If you are a department coordinator, contact your personal liaison or your dashboard administrator. Both will be in the top left of your dashboard.

Is there an easy way to change who should be the primary contact in a department (for instance, if a recall coordinator is away for a period of time)?

Yes, click the Account tab in the blue ribbon then Contacts/Departments and click Edit next to the department that needs to be changed and simply check/uncheck the box for primary next to the dashboard coordinator's name. An asterisk will indicate who the primary recipient(s) is. You may have as many primary coordinators as you like.

Can I add more contacts to a department?

Yes, the system allows as many contacts as you like in each department.

How do I add a customized department?

Once your dashboard has been activated by your National Recall Alert Center personal liaison to allow you to do so, simply add a contact. Then type a new department name in the dropdown menu white box and click Add Custom Department.

How do I delete a department?

Simply remove all the contacts from that department.

Why do some of my departments never receive any recalls?

The department(s) may be customized. National Recall Alert Center only posts recalls to its standard departments. A non-standard department must have recalls reassigned to it by your standard departments or contact your personal liaison to enable department tagging allowing auto forwarding of your choice.

How can I get an overview of the status of the recalls in each of my departments?

Click on the Reports tab and choose Recalls by Department Report from the dropdown menu. It is then possible to change the date range that you wish to view.

How do I determine how many recalls my facility has received?

Click on the Reports tab and choose Recalls by Hospital Report from the dropdown menu. It is then possible to change the date range that you wish to view. This report will give you the total number of unique recalls for your facility within that date range. In other words, if a recall is sent to multiple departments it will only be counted once.

How can I get an overview of how long each of my departments takes to respond to the recalls?

Click on the Reports tab and choose Response Time Report from the dropdown menu. It is then possible to change the year that you wish to view.

How can I see a list of the recalls for which my departments have entered notes?

Click on the Reports tab and choose Recall Status Notes Report from the dropdown menu. It is then possible to change the date range that you wish to view. Anytime a user puts a note in the note box it will appear here, as well as all “Have Product” statuses.

How can I see a list of recalls that have been reassigned?

Click on the Reports tab and choose Reassigned Recalls Report from the dropdown menu.

How do I determine how many recalls affected my facility?

Simply run the Recall Status Notes Report and set your date range. Alternately, on your Recalls page, in the Streamlined Super Speed Search, set your date range and then change the Status: to Have Product. They can also be exported to another format, such as an Excel spreadsheet, so the data can be manipulated. To do this, choose a format under Export Results.

What are the responsibilities of the dashboard coordinator?

The dashboard coordinator has the responsibility of viewing the notifications received directly, determining the disposition, and inputting it into the E.-C.L.A.S.S. system. The dashboard coordinator should keep in contact with the dashboard administrator so that the contact information is kept up-to-date at all times.

I am not receiving any email alerts. How can I correct this?

Follow these steps, in order: 1) Ask your dashboard administrator to check that your email address listed on your dashboard is accurate. 2) Check your spam folder and add National Recall Alert Center's address (recall@recallalert.org) to your list of contacts. 3) Speak with your IT department to see if it is blocking them for some reason. Remember that if you are the back up to the dashboard coordinator, you will not receive any reminders if the dashboard coordinator takes care of recalls as they occur.

Why do I not see any recalls when I click on the link in my email alert?

You or a colleague may have responded to a recall prior to opening the email. Change the Status at the top to View all and you will see all the recalls for your department.

How can I see the recalls in other departments?

Simply click the Streamlined Super Speed Search and change the Department: to All and the Status to View all. You are able to view recalls in other departments, but the system will not allow you to edit any information outside your own department.

Should I choose Do Not Have even if I know the product is in the hospital?

The Do Not Have option means that your specific department is not responsible for the product. Each department to which the recall is posted needs to address it separately. If you know that another department is responsible for the product and the recall has not already been posted to it, you may reassign it.

How do I reassign a recall to another department?

On your recalls page, click on the department name (red and underlined) in the Department column to the right of the page. A dropdown menu will give a list of eligible departments. Check the department(s) to which the recall should be reassigned, enter your initials, and click on Reassign Recall.

Why do I get a log in page when I click on the link in my email alert?

Your account has not been registered with a username and password yet. Simply type in your desired username/password and click Register. Subsequently, you may continue to click the link in your email alerts, but you also have the ability to log in manually to my.recallalert.org.

How do I add a person to the dashboard to receive email alerts?

To have the contacts in your department changed, contact your dashboard administrator (listed at the top of your dashboard). If you are the dashboard administrator and need assistance adding new users, contact your personal liaison (800-672-2669).

I have to be out of the office for a period of time. Can my back up receive the first notifications until I return?

Yes, contact your dashboard administrator and the order can be changed with one click. If you are the dashboard administrator and need assistance adjusting primary recipients, contact your personal liaison (800-672-2669).

Why are alerts sometimes sent to more than one department?

Sometimes products are handled by more than one department within your hospital. To be sure that no department misses a relevant alert NRAC must send it to more than one department in some cases. Each department must address the alert separately. Choose Do Not Have if another department needs to address the alert (this essentially tells the system “My department is not responsible for this product.”). If you find it has not been sent to the correct department there is always the option to reassign it to the department responsible.

What are the definitions of the FDA recall classification (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, TBD)?

Class 1: a situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. Class 2: a situation in which use of or exposure to a violative product may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is remote. Class 3: a situation in which use of or exposure to a violative product is not likely to cause adverse health consequences but may require correcting before using again. TBD: (To be determined): Not yet classified by the FDA.