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Your NRAC personal liaison is Nick
System User

National Recall Alert Center®

A Non-Profit Service Agency
USA's Premier Recall Warning System
Providing Regulatory Compliance,
Safety and Risk Management
Trusted By 4 Out Of 5 Hospitals Since 1973
1 (800) NRAC NOW 6722 669

National Recall Alert Center is proud to make system updates so quickly that sometimes they occur before we can update our videos. Every function remains but the display may be different. Be sure to explore our site to find where each item is located. If you have questions, please always know that you are always welcome to contact your personal liaison whose name and toll-free number appear at the top left of every page on your dashboard. As you know, we are always here to help and assist you in any and every way. Nick

Because it is user-friendly and entirely intuitive, learning to use NRAC is as simple as watching the below videos.



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T.A.D.A. Advanced Inventory Match


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